Our Mission is to create healthier communities in New York City and across the country.

Who We Are

Public Health Solutions is one of the country's largest public health institutes and one of New York's leading nonprofit organizations. We improve the health of people and communities throughout New York and the country by integrating research, policy, capacity building, and direct service. Founded in 1957, we have led the quest for innovation, better outcomes, and reduced disparities in public health for more than 50 years.

What We Do

Public Health Solutions improves the health of individuals, families, and communities across a remarkable range of areas – Obesity & Nutrition, Reproductive Health, Maternal & Infant Healthcare, HIV/AIDS/STD Prevention & Care, and more. We draw on our innovative public health research, vaunted administrative expertise, and long-standing experience working in at-risk communities to directly benefit over 200,000 adults and children every year.

We Are Building A Healthier World

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  • Better Access to Healthy Food

    Better Access to Healthy Food

    We bring healthy food to the New Yorkers who need it the most.

    Each year, Public Health Solutions helps 46,000 low-income pregnant women and families with young children put healthy food on the table. Our Neighborhood WIC centers provide vouchers for nutritious food, teach classes about healthy cooking, hold farmers' market tours, and provide support to mothers who want to breastfeed from women who have been there.

    We also work in partnership with other organizations to help combat food deserts and ensure that all New Yorkers have access to fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food. Our partnerships help corner stores showcase their produce, bring community members to local farmers markets, and study the impact of changes to the WIC program on the diets of WIC participants.

  • Better Health for At-Risk Families

    Better Health for At-Risk Families

    We help give all families a healthy start.

    We work with families to help them give their children the healthiest possible start to life. Our home-visiting programs give first-time parents one-on-one support from trained staff who are available for everything from breastfeeding advice to babyproofing tips to encouragement of the parents to further their own goals. We also help families whose children are struggling with developmental milestones like walking, talking, and playing, by connecting them with evaluation and ongoing services where needed, and help prevent deaths in infants by educating parents and caregivers about safe sleep.

    Our support for healthy families also means working to ensure healthy communities for all. Our tobacco control program is working to make smoke-free housing an option for New Yorkers of all income levels and limit the impact of tobacco marketing on youth. Our Navigator program enrolls adults and families in health insurance to ensure that they can get the health care they need, and recently expanded to include a new focus on senior citizens, the blind, and the disabled.

  • Better Healthcare for Women

    Better Healthcare for Women

    We help ensure that all women have an equal opportunity for good health.

    We work with women throughout New York City to provide health care and ensure that no women fall through the cracks. Through our MIC Women's Health Services clinics, we provide low-income women of all ages with affordable birth control, pregnancy testing, HIV/STD testing, and health education. Our CoMadres Maternal and Infant Community Health Collaborative also partners with community organizations and health providers to improve healthcare for women in Corona, Queens and surrounding communities.

    We also provide information to women so that they can make the best possible choices for themselves and their health care. We are one of the lead partners of the NYC IUD Taskforce, which helps to reduce barriers to women using highly-effective long-acting reversible contraceptives like IUDs, and have begun promoting and distributing WhichMethod, an app that uses a research-tested formula to help women find the most effective form of contraception for them.

  • Better HIV/AIDS Prevention & Care

    Better HIV/AIDS Prevention & Care

    We support the health and well-being of people living with HIV and help reduce the rate of new infections.

    Public Health Solutions makes a difference in the lives of 72,000 New Yorkers living with HIV each year. We manage federal and city HIV care funding, overseeing contracts with a network of HIV care providers in New York City and ensuring care and treatment for a group with unique lifestyle and health care concerns. With our help, these community organizations are able to maximize their resources and focus on helping those in need.

    We also work to prevent the spread of HIV, both through management of HIV prevention funds and through innovative evidence-based video series – Josh’s Story, Sex Positive, and Time2Prep – which tackle real issues of love, sex, and dating in a world with HIV. The videos help walk men through the best ways to get tested, talk to partners about HIV status, and make decisions about their behavior and risk.

  • Better Nonprofit Organizations

    Better Nonprofit Organizations

    We support nonprofits and government agencies as they work to achieve their missions.

    Nonprofit organizations and government agencies are driven to achieve their missions and make life better for their clients, but also have a variety of administrative needs, from managing contracts to purchasing supplies. We partner with some of the best and most innovative nonprofit organizations and human services projects in New York City to build their capacity and handle administrative tasks that free up their time for mission-driven work.

    We are also committed to bringing our 50 years of experience in research, evaluation, and program service delivery to those who need it. We help health and human services projects design program evaluations to measure whether they are reaching their goals, work with Federally Qualified Health Centers to improve the quality of contraceptive care in primary care, and partner with a variety of organizations to help them do their work.


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Deborah M. Sale, Chairperson
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William J. Hibsher, Esq.,Vice-Chairperson
Susana Morales, MD, Secretary
Raymond P. Jones, Sr., CPA, CFE, Treasurer

Lisa David, President & CEO

Mary Bassett, MD*
Gerrard P. Bushell, PhD
Christina Chang, MPP
Raymond Fink, PhD
Linda Fried, MD, MPH
Florence H. Frucher
George Garfunkel
Barbara A. Green, PhD
David Hansell
Phyllis A. Harrison-Ross, MD
Robert Kaufman, Esq.
William Keller, MBA

Joan M. Leiman, PhD
Ramanathan Raju, MD*
Christopher Shyer
Stephen Simcock
Shoshanna Sofaer, DrPH
Andrew J. Weisenfeld

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Cyril Brosnan
David Harris, MD, MPH
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